Integrated to Tyro

As a long time Tyro partner (, bossii is integrated to the Tyro payments system and able to offer a fully compliant PCI DSS system that manages the payments side of your venues business.

We can offer Standalone Tyro whereby the staff member enters the payment value into the Tyro device manually.

However best practice is to ensure that your Tyro device is integrated to BOSSII meaning that bossii pushes to the Tyro device the payment value allowing the transaction to be made a lot simpler, quicker and more accurately.

Tyro offer 2 devices, the first being a Mobile device which can communicate both wirelessly or via data cables.  This device can be utilized Standalone or Integrated with BOSSII

The second device is the Tyro Countertop device which as the name suggests, sits on the Counter and doesn’t move position much.  This can communicate 3G or data cable connected and can be utilized Standalone or Integrated with BOSSII.

Tyro’s relationship with BOSSI stretches back a number of years now and we are fully certified for the following activities:

  • Integrated Purchases
  • Integrated Receipts
  • Integrated Refunds
  • Integrated Split Payments
  • Integrated Tipping
  • Integrated Dynamic Surcharging

Our relationship with Tyro means we have direct access to Tyros own national relationship manager and any questions or tasks can be commenced from a much higher position than just contacting Tyro directly.