Bossii POS

Bossii POS

this is the front-end application that you and your staff will run to make sales and receive payments from your customers. Included in this is BOSSII TIME.


  • Can make simple quick sale in 3 button presses
  • Can make Tab sales for temporary account customers
  • Items can have automatic or manual product questions appear allowing you to make more tailored sale requests
  • Can enter covers to determine an average sale transaction per shift or per day
  • Can sell items by time consumed
  • Can receive up front Tab money and decrement payment as items are added to Tab
  • Can put transactions on account to be paid at end of week/month/other period
  • Can email or SMS a copy of receipts to customers for past transactions
  • Can SMS an e-receipt for customers to their own login-free bossii portal
  • Can make items available/unavailable during a shift
  • Can have a manual or automatic countdown of items left to sell

  • Can use standalone or integrated eftpos systems
  • Can use integrated cloud capable eftpos payment systems (both Tyro and Linkly)
  • Can integrate totals for Tyro payments to end of day cashup for speed and accuracy of end of day reconciliation

  • Can sell products using barcodes for barcoded products
  • Can manually search for products if barcode is unavailable
  • Can stocktake via barcode scanning
  • Can create supplier invoices using barcode scanning

  • Entire program is access level driven allowing special activities to be limited to
  • Can reopen transactions for refund or void purposes including paid eft integrated transactions depending on access levels
  • Staff not on roster cannot access POS
  • Can use biometric, swipe card, proximity scan or numeric login methods to access POS

  • Can Split bills simply and quickly ie: can choose individual items to be paid for
  • Can Split payments simply and quickly ie: can split the payment evenly or unevenly as required

  • All discount options can be access level driven
  • Can create any discount coupons simply and quickly
  • Can have automatic pricing policies that kick in at particular times and days or for particular special clients

  • Can show staff on screen, ingredients in particular dishes or can print those ingredients to printers
  • Can use seat number ordering if required

  • Can transfer tabs from one tab to another
  • Can transfer a split tab from one split tab to another tab/split tab

  • Can instantly view the staff member that added something to the Tab and which POS terminal that was used to add a product to a tab
  • Every single button pressed in bossii POS or admin is logged and available for view to authorised access level users

  • Can manage staff Time & Attendance including breaks, staff signing on and off, all integrated within the one program
  • Can have any of the hospitality wage awards as defined by fair work instantly uploaded to your dataset
  • Can internally message staff or groups of staff for any internal communication as required
  • Can assign staff with a leave option for an entire shift or part thereof

  • Can create onsite bookings in the POS
  • Can integrate to NowBookIt for bookings made from clients websites (Coming Soon)
  • Can Receive function deposits in advance to account for prepayments
  • Can start booking tabs with a deposit paid showing on date of booking

  • Can issue and redeem onsite gift vouchers
  • Can integrate to onsite pos for online-sold gift vouchers allowing redemption onsite
  • Can issue e-gift vouchers from onsite POS

  • Can view a dashboard with the KPI’s of the business that day including sales, labour cost and voids completed.
  • Can account for petty cash purchases
  • Can account for cash drop removal
  • Can record temperature logs for fridges
  • Can view hourly sales and hourly labour percentages
  • Can run batch recipes manually or automatically
  • Can view, send or analyse any transactions from any previous shift
  • Can transfer stock from one dept to another

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