Bossii History

we’ve walked in your shoes

and have seen the same

challenges that you have

The team at bossii are uniquely qualified to manage your operations in your venue because importantly we’ve been in your shoes and more than likely have seen the same challenges that you have.

Our advantage was that whilst incurring those same challenges we were in the unique position of having the benefit of designing our own custom software system which ended up becoming the bossii system that you now have the ability to utilise in your own venue.

In our time as owners, directors and managers, BOSSII was implemented in our own venues that were of the style of:

  • Pub
  • Bottle Shop
  • Restaurants, fine dining, corporate and casual in styles
  • Cafes, takeaway and sit-down styles
  • Pool Hall
  • Nightclub
  • Function Venues

We opened and managed 14 of our own sites in our 25 year lifetime of hospitality venue ownership. 

This wide array of Hospitality styles allowed us to create and tailor BOSSII to better manage the unique intricacies that each of the above Hospitality styles require better than other systems that only have exposure to programmers that might be only suited to one particular style of Hospitality alone.

Hospitality is not a single solution

Some examples of what our systems are doing out in the wild:

  • A Night club requires 3 button presses to make a sale and no more – implemented!
  • A Function Venue requires a very strong CRM system to make bookings, accept deposits and implement those bookings on the day of the function – implemented!
  • A bottle shop requires a strong retail, barcode and stock management system – implemented!
  • A restaurant can require an intricate print management system for production orders going to specific printers for staff to make orders – implemented!

You can be assured that we have literally seen and heard all of your challenges and have fully developed solutions for all of those challenges.  Working with bossii means working with experienced experts in your field. 

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