Integrated to Linkly

BOSSII is also a long time Linkly partner (

Linkly (nee PC-Eftpos) is the common link between BOSSII software and banks merchant EFT machines.  If you wish to remain with your business bank for EFT facilities then its best practice to go with Linkly <-> BOSSII integration to give your venue a fully compliant PCI DSS system that will manages the payments side of your venues business.

We can offer Standalone Linkly whereby the staff member enters the payment value into the banks device manually.

However best practice is to ensure that your Linkly device is integrated to BOSSII, meaning that bossii pushes to the banks device the payment value allowing the transaction to be made a lot simpler, quicker and more accurately.

Linklys relationship with BOSSI stretches back a number of years now and we are fully certified for the following activities:

  • Integrated Purchases
  • Integrated Receipts
  • Integrated Refunds

When you choose to use your banks merchant facilities, BOSSII will need to complete the install process for you to allow integration between the banks system and BOSSII. And that is all completed as part of our service to you.