Bossii Admin

Bossii Admin

This is the back-end application that you and your management team will run to initially setup bossii, configure and reconfigure features, access for reporting and access for recording of various tasks required in daily operations


  • Can create shift budgets
  • Can complete a detailed cash up reconciliation of each days till including float removal and staff gratuity management

  • Can create staff rosters by Department
  • Can copy forward rosters to allow for quick and easy creating of weeks rosters
  • Can email and/or SMS individual rosters to staff

  • Can view every transaction ever made including filters to find transactions for analysis if required
  • Can review and update staff times every day
  • Can view details audit trail on every interaction completed in both front of house and back of house programs

  • Can use loyalty points for item sales on a per dollar or per item basis and can redeem in a variety of manner also

  • Can access approx. 230 different reports grouped as Sales/Staff/Product/Booking/Member/Daily reports
  • Can auto email reports to particular people on a regular basis without people needing to have to go looking for information. BOSSII pushes information to the user rather than waste any time for the user looking for information.

  • Can transfer invoices to both Xero and MYOB accounting packages
  • Can transfer payroll to both Xero and MYOB accounting packages

  • Can input bookings/functions and setup tasks, follow up calls and booking package links
  • Can setup for phone orders, setup for online pickup orders and setup for online To Table QR code orders
  • Can integrate to Respak & NowBookIt

  • Can setup default pay rates and access levels for employees or custom rates and access levels
  • Can link staff documents to employee file

  • Can setup products, barcode products, scale products, time-based products, recipes and batch recipes
  • Can create a stocktake, view variances and vale of stock on hand
  • Can write off stock wastage and account for all back of house wastage
  • Can use purchase orders that can be emailed to suppliers. PO is then converted to invoice when paper invoice arrives and then able to be imported directly into accounting package.
  • Can create default course for recipe items and kitchen production dockets are split by courses allowing for call away of courses

  • Can have public holidays automatically setup to surcharge prices and surcharge staff costs
  • Can weekend surcharge if required
  • Can surcharge card payments if required
  • Can dynamic surcharge Tyro payments

  • Can complete SMS marketing
  • Can complete SMS communication for Online Order activities

  • Can complete online table orders integrated directly into your onsite POS
  • Can complete online pickup orders integrated directly into your onsite POS

  • Can send production dockets to individual printers based on which POS they were ordered from and what time of day the order was taken
  • Can use BOSSII Production screen for production management of orders on the kitchen pass end
  • Can transfer print jobs to other printers in time of emergency

  • Can setup sales process for Counter Service or Table Service
  • Can manage customer display screens with promotional or till screen sharing on screens available for view to customers
  • Can use Swipe Cards for membership systems or for staff access control
  • Can use fingerprint biometric scanners for membership promotions or staff access control
  • Can create banner messages at top of POS screen for subliminal reminders to staff
  • Can allow non table sales to be put on hold allowing other staff to use the POS in the meantime

  • Integrations with Gmail
  • Integrations with Outlook
  • Integrations with Respak
  • Integrations with NowBookIt
  • Integrations with Linkly
  • Integrations with Tanda
  • Integrations with Tyro
  • Integrations with MYOB
  • Integrations with XERO
  • Integrations with Message Media SMS
  • Integrations with WooCommerce

If we cant develop it we integrate it. Our first thought is to develop our own solution but if not feasible then we integrate.

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