Integrated Online Table Bookings

Integrating directly to Nowbookit for all online Table Reservations, Gift Vouchers and Ticketed Events.

NowBookIt is a great pound for pound table bookings app.  It allows you to have a widget (program) on your own website via a link and gives your customers the opportunity to make a booking without them having to call the venue and take up your staffs precious time from servicing the already in-house customers.

Via NBI you can block out any busy periods or can stop taking bookings for times where you are full.  The advantage of seamlessly integrating NBI to BOSSII is that you can instantly see in either BOSSII or NBI your days bookings and in BOSSII you can start the bookings automatically to the pre defined table when the customer walks through the door.

An account with Nowbookit would be required and instantly any online bookings made on your own website via Nowbookit would allow that booking to appear within the POS and Admin programs along with any deposit prepaid and ability to start the booking in the POS.  The historical problem has always been how do staff remember that the client may have made a deposit in advance for their function or booking.  Well now that issue is solved as any bookings that have had a deposit paid or ticket paid will flow directly into BOSSII and start with a negative value.  Staff never have to remember these things again. 

Selling Gift Vouchers or tickets to events are made incredibly simply with all vouchers or tickets sent automatically direct to your onsite BOSSII POS.