Tyro and Lightspeed

Well its all now officially kicking off

After Lightspeed announced to its clientele its intention to charge higher prices to those customers that do not wish to use Lightspeeds own payment platform, the gloves have come off from Tyro


The struggle for Lightspeed here is that alienating their customers like this isnt going to engender a great deal of goodwill when faced with a decision of do i stick with (what we believe is) a pretty decent solution in Tyro and pay the price or change to another POS system due to Lightspeeds want to gain a more profitable share of my payments.

And dont be under any illusions, that is what the crux of this issue is all about - profitability.  By bringing payments to their own platform, Lightspeed can be more profitable on every remaining customer.  Problem is in our opinion, they havent thought well enough on whats best for their clients.  Its unfortunately centered around whats best for Lightspeed.

For any Lightspeed clients wishing to remain with their existing payments platform, we can help here at BOSSII if you are a south east qld venue.  We can come out to see you and discuss your options including remaining with Tyro or any other payment platform.

It might also be time to do a stocktake of where you are at with your technology solution because changing POS is as we see it, like having a heart transplant.  The POS is the beating heart of your business.  Its where all the money comes in to pay for the return on investment thats been made.  If you get the choice wrong, its your heart that will not be able to pump enough blood to keep your business operating effectively enough.

Take the opportunity now to write down what it is you ideally want your POS solution to help with.  if you havent done stocktakes for 5 years in your business then ask yourself why is it you now feel you want to do them.  Be honest with yourself and keep the list to 5 essential KPI's.

Take that list to a few POS suppliers.  If they dont get back to you within an acceptable timeframe then strike them off and contact another.  Ask any potential POS partner if they can show you how your 5 KPI's will be achieved within the technologies they recommend.

Dont also forget to ask that when the proverbial hits the fan - and it will - dont let anyone tell you otherwise, what does the POS company recommend to be done at that time.

Should the internet go down and you are a cloud solution, how can i continue to sell my products and receive payments?

Should the payment EFT solution go down, how can i continue to receive payments from my customers?

Should the POS terminal be smashed, dropped, decide to end its life right at the time that you need it, how can i be back to operational within the quickest amount of time?

Should my printer decide to pack it in, how can i continue to get a receipt to my customers or print production dockets?

These are all questions that any professional POS company has to have a solution for you.  if they um and they ah when asking these basic questions then run....run to someone who can answer these questions because its unfair for you to make that difficult decision to move POS partners and not be in a better position than prior.

Any questions you may have please feel free to ask at any time on admin@bossii.com