POS Hardware

Hardware for Point of Sale is a constantly evolving process

Here at BOSSII we are regularly testing and evaluating new tablets, new POS machines and new processes with the express purpose of making hospitality life run a little by little better and simpler.

The days of the old NCR proprietary systems that the big hotels, resorts and restaurants used to use "back in my day" have long disappeared in most sites replaced by cheap Android and not as cheap Apple products.

We still have venue owners however who prefer to use traditional Senor POS terminals but they are few and far between now.

Most BOSSII clients are now moving to Cloud based systems meaning that the POS itself doesnt have to be located in one position anymore due to the simple and inexpensive tablets that can be used to communicate with servers located in the cloud instead of requiring proprietary operating systems like Windows and needing devices that run Windows alone.

Architects that we have spoken to here in Brisbane are even now recognising these changes and changing the way that they design the front and back of house because of this as you no longer require a POS to sit behind a counter and the more we move to a cashless society then housng POS behind a counter no longer needs to be situated in that position as there is less of a security risk of potential loss of cash.

We have many old school procedures that once required some sort of a hardware device to be completed that now use software. 

  • Printed receipts can now be sent to your customers via SMS receipts
  • Orders can be made by customers via their own devices
  • Customers can pay their bills via their own devices rather than walk around with a Credit/Debit card 

For these reasons, BEFORE you design or re-design your venue speak to your Point of Sale company because you may no longer need many of the infrastructure both physical and technological that you once may have required.