NowBookIt Integration

Why you need BOSSII & NBI

One of the main areas of concern in the past has been inputting Reservations, Ticketing and Gift Vouchers into a venues POS software system with as little effort as possible, whilst being as accurate as possible.  NowBookIt have entirely fixed these issues. 

The partnership integration that NBI and BOSSII have created allows for seamless automated 2-way communication between both systems for all of your Reservations, Reservations with prepaid deposits, Gift Vouchers and Ticketed Events allowing them all to pre-populate into your POS software. 



Reservations can be seen in both your NBI portal and your BOSSII POS portal meaning a seamless and simple way of managing your client reservation requests in either system. 

You can choose to import all Reservations, Reservations with no Deposits or only Reservations with Prepaid Deposits, the choice is yours entirely. 

From your POS you are able to start a reservation and follow the spend all the way to the end of the transaction. 

All client data is then added to your POS software allowing you to build your CRM database for future contact and/or future customer analysis.



Utilizing integration between NBI & BOSSII allows for the sale of Gift Vouchers sold in NBI online via your website to be immediately uploaded to BOSSII Point of Sale allowing those same Gift Vouchers to be redeemed. 

Finalizing a transaction with an NBI online Voucher is as simple as entering NBI Voucher number allowing the transaction to be paid down to the value requested.



Ticketing for events such as Mothers Day, Melbourne Cup or other major events that you may have are a breeze.  Define your ticket parameters in NBI and allow the sold upload of tickets to instantly enter BOSSII allowing you to start every prepaid or post-paid ticket customer within the POS on the day and with any pre-paid value taken into account.


A combination of BOSSII POS and NBI is an investment in allowing you to run your business in a much more effective, professional, modern and cost efficient manner than your competitors.  You wont regret it, guaranteed!