Eftpos is changing

Bob Dylan has a song, These times are a changin and this rings true in Hospitality Point of Sale industry because something that has definitely changed in a big way recently is eftpos.

In my day when i owned my own venues and we were opening a new venue, you would make 2 calls.  One to the POS company telling them we needed "x" amount of $2000 windows POS terminals and the other was to our bank that we deposited all of our daily cash takings with and ask kindly if they wouldnt mind too much if they could organise someone to come and see us about installing a few eftpos machines to our venue.

The bank would then send someone out within a few days and would ask about our turnover and the merchant cost including cost of terminal monthly rental and paper costs and in about a months time you might have eftpos machines if you were lucky.

My how things have changed now.

These days a professional POS provider will do all of this for you:

  • You no longer need to use $2000 windows pos terminals.  Just use Android or Apple devices for a fraction of the cost.
  • You no longer need to contact your bank for eftpos however you can settle your eftpos funds to your existing bank account.
  • You no longer need to contact Telstra or the like for NBN and have to sit through the misery of missed appointments or waiting between 9am and 3pm for an NBN technician to flick a switch.
  • You no longer need to contact your web designer to have a method of Online Ordering via QR codes for your customers to make orders on their way to work for a coffee pickup or in the venue to order another drink 

If your POS provider isnt offering these things to you then im telling you now, youre not dealing with a professional POS IT company.  Too many legacy POS companies out there are stuck in the past and not moving with the times.  

HOWEVER you do still need to be kind - thankfully not all things change