Manolas Bros Deli

What was the problem?

This café / deli had a previous system that was a retail system which suited the deli operations however when it was being used for hospitality there were too many button presses to sell items with any level of modification and the way that the retail system printed its production dockets to the kitchen often caused the kitchen confusion


What was the solution?

The café solution was the simple one as everything they needed to operate their business we did out of the box.  The retail was much more difficult as we had to create a retail barcoding addendum to our software that also included front facing client screens, weighing scales integration, barcode recognition and integrated mobile stock management system


What was the timeframe to implement?

This custom solution took approx. 3 months to create but over a number of fortnightly upgrades


Data Cloud/Data onsite

Internet connection at the time was poor so cloud solution was not available.  Data onsite with Local server was required.  QCNS managing the server for the client.