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Pavilion Bar Logo

"If it weren't for BOSSII we would have had no chance in finding the times we are profitable or not during the week. BOSSII showed us how to save about $2500 per week by opening at different times. The rental cost pales into insignificance compared to this saving."

Mark Nicholls Manager - Pavilion Bar, West End


Rush Lounge Logo

"We have many corporate clients who prefer visiting our venue up to 5 times a day for breakfast, lunch and coffees during the day. By using BOSSII and its fingerprint recognition software not only does it give us a point of difference but our corporate customers can visit us with no money and just quickly and easily put their fingerprints down in lieu of payment.The ability to offer monthly accounts to these customers makes the system pay for itself many times over."

Tom Payne Venue Manager - Rush Lounge, Brisbane City


The Lighthouse

"As a large dining venue with a restaurant, bar, café, takeaway and functions services, we found we were struggling to collect and process the daily data we needed to be able to oversee all aspects of our business. Our software at the time was becoming more a hindrance than a help. What we loved about BOSSII is that it has been developed by hospitality industry professionals who understand the needs of Managers. Since we introduced BOSSII into our venue six months ago, we have been able to take control of our business on all aspects. On a daily basis it allows us to monitor our budgets, sales and profitability, helping us to track whether we are on target to achieve our short and long term goals. With a fully integrated functions and marketing facility it has also eliminated the need for multiple different types of software as we can manage our customer database from the one program. With BOSSII taking care of all the tedious everyday data, we have time to focus on developing our business and serving our customers. It has effectively gotten us out of the office and back into dealing with people."

Marianna Tigani FUNCTIONS & EVENTS MANAGER -The Lighthouse, North Cleveland


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